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Thank You Pragmatic Works

November 2nd was a big day! Pragmatic Works was in town and held a Power BI workshop, then¬†Mitchell Pearson stuck around to do a Mobile Reports presentation for our user group. They even bought the delicious food! But most importantly they gave the opportunity to one community member to attend the workshop for free. I can’t stress how awesome it is for a company to help out our user group and to give someone an opportunity like that. These efforts truly make a difference and is what gives me the #WarmFuzzies about #SQLCommunity.


Sheila, Guest Blogger

I attended the Power BI workshop here in Nashville put on by Pragmatic Works. I have been attempting to learn Power BI on my own for several months using various methods such as books and free videos. However, working in a busy office environment with frequent interruptions the stopping and starting of the videos was not conducive to learning. The Pragmatic Works Power BI workshop is the most valuable Power BI training that I have received. This training covered everything that I had been trying to learn all in one full day session. This workshop was great for those at all levels of Power BI. This was most helpful for those of us that were just beginning our Power BI studies. This workshop covered everything from visuals to DAX. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the class was paced well. The class was a good mix of hands on and lecture. In fact, I have 5 pages worth of notes and things to recreate using my own data. While a full day of Power BI training is a lot, I finished the workshop with a greater understanding of Power BI. I can see how a full day of training is necessary to fully comprehend everything you can do with Power BI, (in fact this class really just scratched the surface of Power BI). I can now take the Power BI skills I learned in this course and create dashboards and data models on my own. I thoroughly appreciated this training from Pragmatic Works. I am the lone data person in a small business that does not yet understand the value in Power BI. After attending this workshop I can transform the data using Power BI and demonstrate its value to my superiors. These types of workshops are important because it provides an opportunity for those of us who do not have training resources for Power BI to learn the skills we need to move our organizations forward with data.