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Happy Birthday NashBI


February is not only the first month after #SQLSatNash, the first meeting of the year but it marks the birthday of this user group. We’ve been working hard to create a community, learn and provide what our audience is looking for.

This meeting we tried to add fun, spice and more social. It’s not a secret that we are losing our meeting location, it was a surprise that we are loosing it so soon. Cool Springs Brewery was gracious enough to provide us with the space and without charge or minimums. We were aware that they had just started an open mic night on Tuesdays, but had heard they were cancelled more than they were held; so we were hopeful this would happen again. We are sorry to report that it did not. I think everyone agrees that this would be a great place to have meetings if we could fix a couple things, we were aware that these might be an issue but for a one time meeting we thought making due was financially the best.

  • No more open mic night
  • Turn up the speaker we brought and potentially add a couple more
  • Get a table top presenter podium

For this meeting we enlisted several local speakers to do lightning talks. Lightning talks are usually 5-20 min in length, don’t have to be technical and don’t have to include demos. We really hope that you enjoyed them and would consider doing one later this year when we put on another meeting full of lightning rounds. These types of meetings are utilized throughout the SQL community to help build and inspire new speakers. Pass Summit has held Speaker Idol the last 2 years with the winner of the lightning talks getting accepted to speak at the next year’s summit.


Congratulations to everyone and thanks for helping us build a great community! Really looking forward to what lies ahead in the next year.