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#SQLPalooza Part Deux – Finishing out the year

We are so excited to have hosted 2 great meetings this month and we are blessed to have had 2 great out of town speakers.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the two sessions as much as we did.  And as always, we want to say a thank you to our sponsors for supporting our groups and providing us with meals.

Our offer still stands: if you are willing to write a small blog post after a meeting we will send you a $10 amazon gift card.  You can email tamera.clark at gmail.com If you are wondering what we are looking for, it is pretty simple. A shout out to thank our sponsor and tell us something you learned, something you enjoyed or how you might apply this. Nothing fancy and it doesn’t have to be too long. We will however only accept 1 submission per meeting.

So what’s next for #SQLPalooza Part Deux? We’ve planned for a 11/16  lunch meeting at the Microsoft office and on 12/4, an evening meeting at the Rezults office.  We are hoping to put a Nerds and Noms get together during the week of 12/12 for a little extra hang out time before the end of this year.  And to kick off 2019, our mega event of the year www.SQLSatNash.com.  We are already planning the spring meetings!

We are super excited to provide a forum for a few new and upcoming speakers. These groups are very much interested in helping others, including those who are ready to try speaking. So if this thought has crossed your mind let us know. We can work out anything from full one hour session to short lightning talks.